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18 Jun

Samsung Confirms Two Tizen Developer Summits

Published by Mark J Guillen  - Categories:  #Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Confirms Two Tizen Developer Summits

Samsung has confirmed that it will hold Two developer summits in order to focus on Tizen.

Samsung Electronics has been quite active in the smartphone market this year. The company successfully reclaimed its lost status of being the largest phone vendor in the world. This became possible when it launched the new Samsung Galaxy S6 models two months ago.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge proved to be the turning point for the company, as it miserably failed last year. Recently, the latest company update was revolving around its Tizen Developer Summit.

The corporate giant has now confirmed that there will be two official Tizen Developer Summits in 2015. Furthermore, it has also announced the official date of first Tizen Developer Summit this year, whereas the dates of the second summit will be announced later.

According to sources, the Korean giant seeks to focus and emphasize more on its own operating system. To be fair, Tizen has not gained much attraction lately and it has failed in the market when compared to other smartphone operating systems. The rumors started to gather pace when the company announced that it plans to focus on bolstering Tizen.

The smartphone maker has already confirmed the dates and location of its first Tizen Developer Summit. It is expected to take place in Bengaluru, India, from July 30 to July 31; a two day summit. The venue selected in Bengaluru is Ritz Carlton hotel. According to sources, this is where the company is expected to announce and display its own technical content to app developers, hardware vendors, software vendors, and platform designers.

The second Tizen Developer Summit is announced and expected to be held later this month. The location so far is said to be China but no specific details regarding venue is disclosed.

According to BidnessETC, “Hopefully, Samsung Tizen Developer Summits will bring some new details and features about the operating system. All we know is that the company might release more advanced smartphones and smart watches with the Tizen OS. Currently, Samsung's “Z” series smartphones operate on Tizen. Previously, the company had announced the Samsung Galaxy S4's twin that operated on Tizen back in August 2013. The company plans to introduce Tizen by integrating it into the Samsung Gear smart watches as well.”

The smartphone producer has planned to focus on the operating system. As the company is all set to hold two developer summits of Tizen this year, the industry can expect more products from Samsung to appear with the said operating system.

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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.