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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.

03 Dec

Walmart Website Malfunctions On Thanksgiving

Published by Mark J Guillen

Walmart Website Malfunctions On Thanksgiving

The huge traffic on Walmart's website causes it to malfunction on Thanksgiving while slowing down the checkout system during the peak hours.

USA giant retail chain faces malfunctions on its online shopping platform sadly on Thanksgiving, Thursday, early in the morning. The malfunction was mainly due to the huge traffic that the website faced leading to slow checkouts and leaving the customers agitated and furious. Customers prefer the online platforms just to avoid the waiting lines on holidays.

The holiday discounts deals offered by the retailers were made available for purchase on Walmart shopping online at 6:00PM on Thursday with an addition of more sales starting at 3:00 AM. These discounts included the deals for Black Friday, which was the first time ever the company offered the customers discounts earlier online in comparison to its physical stores. This leads to customers rushing to the online shopping facility to achieve the attractive discounts that caused the company’s website to slow down. The online checkout for many online shoppers became a problem according to the senior executive of the shopping services.

Walmart Wholesale chief merchant, Steve Bratspies, said during an interview, “The website did slow down for a little while when customers were checking out, the vast majority had no issues while shopping the website.” He also informed that higher number of customers shopped online as compared to the previous year.

Another spokeswoman for the company submitted an email stating, “As discounts became available online, we saw an incredible surge in traffic, the website did not crash but slow down.” The shopping was expected to face minor problems, as the huge traffic can naturally cause any platform to slow down, and since the shopping spree on Black Friday and Thanksgiving on a huge scale, this is not a major issue.

Some of the shoppers tweeted on Twitter, complaining about the checkout slow down, but Walmart twitter account apologized on the social media service for the hang up. It focused on its physical stores and e-commerce both this season, adding more discounts online and features on the smartphone application and promoted the in-store pick-ups so that customers visit the physical stores one way or another.

Walmart has also revealed further plans to invest $2 billion in its online business next year to stand head to head with Amazon and Alibaba. The slowdown also gives a conclusion that it must have made huge sales through its discounts deals. Although, it has not revealed the number yet, but the overload on the online platform indicates that many online shoppers choose the company this holiday season for gifts.

Walmart stock closed at $59.91, going red by -0.55% on November 27.

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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.