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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.

19 Mar

Delta Is Expanding Its Flight Operations

Published by Mark J Guillen

Delta Is Expanding Its Flight Operations

Delta has managed to sign an agreement with other airlines to continue day to day operation for North America and India.

Delta Airlines is clearly looking to expand options for travelling for its customers, it made the announcement on Monday. The new destinations include North America and India via Amsterdam, thanks to partnership signed between the air traveling giant, Jet Airways and KLM Royal Dutch airlines. This agreement has enabled the air carrier to carry daily flight operation in the areas at ease.

The air traveling company is going to benefit from this partnership and so will its customers, as the flights have been scheduled in a manner that will aid travelling between North America and India efficiently. Starting from March 27, Jet Airways and Indian Airlines will be offering options for travelling from Mumbai, Toronto, New Delhi and Amsterdam.

Delta Airline’s senior vice president believes that this partnership will be benefiting 11,000 people who travel from the United States to India every day. The alliance with Jet Airways will help the company meet this demand for travelling easily between the two countries. Customers will receive loyalty offers and lunge access – the similar benefits they enjoy when they are flying through the company’s jets.

The air carrier has more expansion plans, one of which is unstoppable flights around Beijing Airport and Los Angeles International Airport starting from December 16 this year. However, for this purpose, Delta has to wait for the approval of US Department of Transport in order to continue this move. The company already conducts four flight operations to Asia Pacific region. The plan of expansion to China is so that the company can capture the market of this region in the holiday season, when it is highly crowded.

Delta faces huge competition in its international business and flight operations, which is one of the reasons why it had to form an alliance with other airlines in the market. It has been competing with United Airlines for a while and even snatched the position as the United States No.2 airline for traffic. However, that does not mean Delta wins; it might have been able to generate more traffic but United Airlines reported a growth of year-end traffic and has been expanding its flight operations rapidly. Thus the air travelling giant should step its game up before it is too late.

United Airlines has plans of operating between Xian and San Francisco to make its presence stronger in China, which is the same plan as Delta. Airlines are switching to the Asia Pacific market as growth is expected in the coming year, which will benefit the business of airlines immensely in the future. At least analysts predict that the market is going to become profitable in the coming years.

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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.