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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.

07 Jun

Amazon CEO Voices For Media

Published by Mark J Guillen

Amazon CEO Voices For Media

CEO Jeff Bezos shared his views during a discussion regarding the Peter Thai backed lawsuits against Gawker Media.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has stated that he does not back efforts by tycoons to weaken the media by financing legal campaigns, under a discussion regarding venture capitalist Peter Thai supporting litigations against the American online media organization Gawker Media. Mr. Jeff, who also owns the publication Washington Post stated government officials need a thick skin as they will continue to have critics.

“Move forward, it’s not worth losing any sleep over,” he stated while addressing the technology summit Code Conference last week. “If you’re doing anything interesting, you’re going to have critics.” Facebook’s director and one of the founders of PayPal has got a mixed reaction in tech as well as media circles for offering around $10 million to fund Ex wrester Hulk Hogan’s invasion-of-privacy litigation against Gawker Media.

Mr. Peter stated he supported the litigation by Terry Bollea, who is the user of the professional wrestling name Hulk Hogan, as he holds belief that Gawker breaches the secrecy of persons who cannot fight back easily. Mr. Jeff did not specifically talk regarding Gawker, but he extensively safeguarded the free and media speech, stating “beautiful speech doesn’t need protections. It’s ugly speech that needs protection.

When asked regarding Mr. Thiel’s effort, Jeff evoked an old statement, attributing it to the Chinese philosopher: “Seek revenge and you shall dig two graves—one for yourself.” Exclusively, Jeff stated the Seattle based organization now sends about half of its own packages directly to consumer’s households in the United Kingdom and aims to keep boosting up such deliveries in the United States.

“We have to have capacity for peak” delivery times, he said. “We’ve had to take over a lot of last mile delivery in the U.K.” as the publication Royal Mail was unable to keep it up. Mr Jeff stated his company is expanding its delivery business with the US Postal Service as well as United Parcel Service, but the organization yet requires supplementing its own merchandise sales.

Jeff denied that he’s struggling to put the rest of delivery service providers out of the industry. The organization is launching a larger number of its trucks on roads to deliver while setting up new warehouses near urban centers to help cut down its increasing delivery costs. Delivery trucks with the logo Amazon “a’ are more popular across the US, and the organization is leasing aircrafts to transport merchandise to storerooms more inexpensively and rapidly.

In the extensive conversation, Mr. Jeff stated the organization has 1,000 persons working on hardware as well as software related to its Alexa and Echo virtual assistant service. Mr. Jeff stated he’s “absolutely” committed to tech and anticipates it to be significant to the online retailer’s future and other organizations in the coming 2 decades.

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People permanently need to do business with dependable and reliable folks, as good business is always built firmly on truth that is what ensures real growth.